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Meet Our Massage And Reflexologist: 

Lisandra Marino
My name is Lisandra Marino. I’ve been a neuromuscular therapist for over 10 years. I graduated with honors from The Humanities Center, Pinellas Park, FL, now currently known as Cortiva institute. I’ve learned and have been certified in neuromuscular therapies, reflexology, stone massage, pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage, decongestion of muscles, cancer massage, and relaxation therapies including aromatherapy. I’ve been privileged to work these past few years in many different settings of massage. I’ve had such a deep love for what I do physically that I also wanted to know more about the spiritual side of it. I became a Reiki master in order to truly understand not only the body, but also the mind and soul of wellness. Combining the two has truly been a powerful addition to my life and career. I started my career working at The Serenity spa in south Tampa, where I had the pleasure of working alongside a very competent and enthusiastic staff. After a few years of working in the spa industry, I felt it was time for a change. I wanted to learn more about clinical massage and use the knowledge I had acquired in neuromuscular therapies. In the last five years of my career I’ve been bestowed the opportunity to work alongside some very competent and driven individuals. I’ve worked with a few Doctors and a couple of chiropractors which have taught me a great deal not only about the health care industry, but also about bringing a new awareness to the people about wellness. In the last year I’ve begun working alongside Dr. Ryan Whelton MSPT, DPT at Sport and Spine Physical Therapy & wellness Center. He has truly opened my eyes to a new world of health. His passion and commitment to the wellness of his patients is truly inspiring and contagious. I look forward to working alongside him and learning more about his personal crusade to inspire wellness to all people he comes in contact with.

When I have some spare time on my hands I love being near the ocean, Swimming boating, water parks and cruises. I also love going to amusement parks with my kids. I’ve had season passes to Disney since they were little and now one of my girls is 18 years old and the other just turned 17. Going to Disney parks has become a special family treat that not only seems to keep us connected, but also keeps our imagination alive to the beauty all around us.