Instant Pain Relief

Whelton Myofascial Referral Technique  is a breakthrough for the treatment of pain. Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds every blood vessel, organ, nerve and muscle of the body. Fascia is often described as a suit that connects the whole body. The myofascia refers specifically to the fascia surrounding the muscles. Watch Dr. Whelton teach this extraordinary new treatment here.

Dr. Whelton has discovered that every millimeter of the myofascia has direct connections to numerous other areas of the body. These connections have never been documented before. When the proper referral point(s) is stimulated in an effort to affect an injury or painful area on another part of the body the results are often remarkable.

While a vast majority of Dr. Whelton’s patients receive pain relief with solely this treatment, Dr. Whelton has found that if the underlying mechanical dysfunction, or reason for having pain, i.e. pinched nerve or rotator cuff impingement, is not addressed, the pain will return. Once addressed, lasting pain relief can be achieved. Check out more videos on our Youtube Channel





How Long Does the Pain Relief Last?

The relief from each treatment is cumulative. Relief from the first treatment can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The results are cumulative and the second treatment will last longer and the third even longer. It cannot be emphasized enough, to achieve lasting relief the vast majority of people have an underlying imbalance causing their pain or injury which must be addressed. This underlying imbalance can be tight and/or weak muscles, a decrease in neuromuscular stability/timing and/or structural imbalances. These issues must be addressed properly for total healing and relief.

Do I Need to Keep Coming Back?

Once the body becomes balanced from both an eastern and western medicine perspective, the body will maintain its own health. Dr. Whelton wants his patients healed and back to their life!

Is it Acupuncture? Trigger Point Therapy?

No, acupuncture is an ancient practice that uses needles strategically placed in an effort to remove energetic blockages along meridians, or energetic paths in the body. Trigger points are very irritable portions of a muscle, also referred to as “knots”, that have a referred pain pattern to them.

Dr. Whelton does not use any needles, just his hands to apply pressure to very specific points on the body that are he calls ‘myofascial referral points.’

How Does Pushing on My Leg Help My Back Pain?

Our body is all connected. Applying pressure to a certain region of the hand can help relieve pain in the knee.  In the case of back pain, stimulation of very specific point(s) as it relates to the back triggers the bodies amazing ability to heal itself and often immediate relief will be achieved.

Is This The Same As Massage Therapy?

No, this is a specific systematic approach requiring precision of millimeters or less to effectively relieve pain and expedite our bodies’ healing process. Every patient is different and every injury is different.

Does It Help With Migraine Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Bursitis, Tendonitis etc..?

Yes, Yes, and Yes, Dr. Whelton’s precision treatments can relieve pain in the vast majority of people immediately.

Does It Affect The Rate of Healing?

Dr. Whelton’s patient’s experience an accelerated healing rate, often twice as fast.

Are There Any Risks To It?

No, it is 100% safe.

Is This Treatment Covered By Insurance?

Generally, but it depends on the insurance company.

Are You In-Network With My Insurance?

Call for more information.

I am a Healthcare Provider Looking to Learn this Technique.  Where Can I Get More Information?

You can contact us at