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17824 U.S. 41, Lutz, FL 33549

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At SSPTWC, our fun and energetic team is dedicated to creating and providing a comfortable and caring environment. Our mission is to provide compassionate, personalized, and revolutionary treatments that help our patients regain function by decreasing pain and improving strength and confidence.


We first work to understand our patient’s history and individual needs, and then work together with them to maximize results, ensuring a safe and quick return to a high quality of life.


We specialize in providing revolutionary treatment programs to get our patients better as quickly as possible.


We can help if you are limited by pain, injury or discomfort. Our facilities, expertise, and commitment will help restore the quality of life you desire faster and better than any other clinic.

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“Dr. Whelton is an Intuitive Genius, A Real Healer, I Hope His Treatment Becomes a First-Line Physical Therapy Treatment for Most Pain Problems”
- Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Neurosurgeon, Inventor of the TENS Unit, Spinal Cord Stimulator, Rhizotomy Surgical Procedure, Author of 325 articles, 36 books, New York Times best selling author
These are the people that make our company great.
Ryan Whelton, DPT
Physical Therapist

Dr. Whelton is passionate about helping his patients heal as fast as possible. His philosophy is to teach his patients how to live pain free and never need him again. His prior experience includes working as part of the Super Bowl XXXVIII world champion New England Patriots medical staff. He is the founder of Whelton Myofascial Referral Technique®, a breakthrough treatment method for instant pain relief. When not treating he is teaching other clinicians from around the world how to relieve patients' pain immediately and help them heal faster. The methods that he has developed are being used in 25+ countries, in the NFL and MLB. He enjoys spending time with his three young children and wife and also enjoys riding his bike, doing yoga and meditation.

Ainet Rolon
Office Administrator

Ainet is an office administrator, she handles the day to day office administration work and is passionate about helping others. When not working you will find her at theme parks. Her favorite park is Universal Studios. She also enjoys riding her bike.

Jill Stone
Office Administrator

Jill works as an office administrator.  She is a dedicated mom to her three young children She holds a master's degree in mental health counseling. Her passion is working with foster children. When not performing her mom and office duties she enjoys working out and volunteering at her kids school.

Customer Reviews

  • Me and my wife had back and neck issues for over a year. I was going to a chiro for a year for temporary relief. I saw Dr. Whelton's ad on FB came he helped my wife and I with the neck and back pain and taught us how to keep it away!

    thumb Roshan Patel
    January 24, 2022
  • I have had back pain for 20 plus years. I had tried epidural injections, PT, Chiropractor, MRIs acupuncture, massage they told me my constant low back and buttock was "sciatic" pain from a disc I found Dr. Whelton on Facebook came in and on the first visit I was out of pain now 7 weeks later I am pain free! I can do my daily life I am no longer depressed because I thought I would never get better highly recommend do yourself a favor and make an appointment! It was close to one hour away i drove but worth it!!!

    thumb Renee Hess
    October 13, 2021
  • I have been dealing with low back pain for almost 20 years. it started when I was 35, gym injury. Over this time period I would have flare ups that would put me in bed for sometimes a week or 2. My usual go to is massage, cranial chiropractor and acupuncture. When I am desperate I take a steroid for a few days. A couple months ago I was in a really bad place where nothing would relieve my pain. I was having trouble .sleeping sitting standing walking driving and I was going out of my mind with frustration. This was right around the time my mother passed away so I was also dealing with mental stress. I found this ad on Facebook a while ago and ignored it when I saw it again I thought I might as well try something else. I almost canceled my 1st appointment because I thought I would not be able to drive there. I prayed the whole way there. after my 1st visit I almost cried, tears of joy, because I had no discomfort when I had to drive home. After only 2 months of weekly visits and doing my exercises and stretches on my own twice a day everyday I am almost completely pain free. All this time I thought it was just my low back that was bothering me to find out that it was my SI joint. All it takes is a little faith and commitment.

    thumb Lori Sapienza
    September 30, 2021
  • I have ankylosing spondylitis which effects the SI joints in my back. I had it for 20 years, I had weakness and I always felt misaligned with pain in my back and hips and pelvic floor. I tried chiro, traditional PT to no avail. I saw Dr. Whelton’s ad and decided to come in and give him a shot and now I am pain free and he taught me how to realign myself. He also instilled confidence in actively not being afraid if symptoms re-emerge I know how to fix my back and hips.

    thumb robert paaso
    November 29, 2021
  • I had been experiencing left side hip pain for well over a year. It progressed to lower back and leg pain on the same side. It was painful to walk and stairs were almost impossible. While researching the best exercises to do, an add popped up on Facebook for Dr Whelton. I liked what he had to say and so I booked an evaluation appointment. In 1 visit he diagnosed my problem and formulated a treatment plan. Within the first week I felt better than I had in a very long time. He is so knowledgeable and caring. Working with him has been a great experience. He taught me to live pain free!

    thumb Peggy Eanes
    July 8, 2022