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March, 2020

Effective Neck Pain Treatment Options to Consider

By on March 13, 2020

According to statistics, neck pain is one of the most common types of pain disorders that affects the general population. It is estimated that one out of every three people will experience this at some point in their lives. 

People who have neck pain often describe it as being a persistent ache. However, it can also cause burning or stabbing sensations. With chronic cases of neck pain, patients often describe that the area that hurts is sensitive to the touch, or they report that mild pressure hurts more than it should. Neck pain may also be accompanied by tingling or numbness on one or both your arms, or you may have a headache, caused by chronic cases of neck pain. 

While this is true, today there is an array of treatment options to consider to help alleviate the neck pain you experience. Keep reading to learn about some of these treatment options. 

The Whelton Myofascial Referral Technique 

This is a technique that is based on Dr. Whelton’s findings of body connections. When applied to the area properly, it can effectively relieve pain (often instantly), increase range of motion, reduce muscle spasms, and accelerate the healing process. 

The treatment method focuses on the fact that certain points of the body are direct connections to other areas. By focusing on these connected points and applying the exact amount and angle of pressure required, it is possible to alleviate neck pain. Dr. Whelton refers to these as “off-switches” for most pain problems – including neck pain. 


A physiotherapist will help you treat your neck pain using an array of treatments. Some of the most common treatment methods that are used today include:

These treatment methods can be used alone or in combination with others to achieve the desired pain relief. 

Muscle Relaxants 

While there is no concrete evidence that muscle relaxants will help to alleviate neck pain, your doctor may prescribe these if they believe the pain you are experiencing is the result of a muscle spasm or sprain. However, use this treatment option with caution, as muscle relaxants are known for causing negative side effects in those who take them. 

Remedial Massage 

This treatment is provided by a healthcare provider who uses their hands to apply movement and pressure to your muscles, tendons, and skin. This treatment option can help to relieve muscle tension and spasms while promoting relaxation and loosening stiff joints. 

How to Handle Your Neck Pain?

If you experience acute or chronic neck pain, it is a good idea to seek the help and advance of a healthcare provider. This individual can evaluate your condition and let you know what treatment option would work best for your situation and needs. Being informed and knowing what some of the most popular treatment options are will help ensure you get the desired results. Consider scheduling an appointment right away if you suffer from any type of neck pain.