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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

By on November 22, 2019

Individuals who suffer from back pain or who have experienced a back injury may find that their doctor prescribes physical therapy as a first line of defense. There are numerous benefits to using physical therapy to manage back pain, including the following:

Reduce Pain

In many cases, physical therapy can help limit the amount of pain that you experience after a back injury. The physical therapist can help work with you to strengthen the area that has been injured, stretch the soft tissues, and increase the range of motion. These actions may help decrease the pain that you experience, without the need for heavy pain medications. While physical therapy may not completely eliminate back pain, it can be quite helpful in lowering the amount of pain that you experience.

Increase Function

After an injury, you may find that parts of your back does not function as they originally did.  If you’re experiencing stiffness or loss of flexibility, physical therapy may help you to increase overall function and enjoy a full range of motion. Working with a physical therapist is a good way to return function to your back muscles, tissues, and joints, so that you’re able to move as smoothly as possible and limit the pain that you experience. Speak to your therapist about the areas that you experience pain and about which movements tend to cause discomfort, so that they can help you increase function as much as possible.

Provide Education

Your physical therapist may also be able to educate you about the way that your back works and the way your body functions. This education can help you to move more comfortably, prevent injury moving forward, and employ better ergonomics as you go through your daily tasks. Speaking with your therapist about the things that typically cause you pain can help them to educate you about your body and your injuries, so that you can make any necessary adjustments to the way that you go about your daily activities.

Limit Additional Injury

If you experience pain when you move, there’s always the chance that you could injure yourself more due to limited range of motion or moving oddly. Your physical therapist will work with you to help you increase your range of motion, decrease your pain, and help you to limit the possibility of you accidentally causing additional injuries while you try to avoid moving painfully.

If you’ve injured your back, physical therapy can be a great way to ensure that you heal as well as possible without causing additional injury. Seeing a physical therapist can help limit your pain and assist you with the entire healing process, so that you’re as comfortable and healthy as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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